Rashy is the shorter and more popular version of rashybone

Rashy is used to describe weak, onshore surf conditions as well as negative things in general
Doris: "Can we get on the brewskis tonite?"
Mayo: "FuckYeah! but theres no double brown left..."
Doris: "oOooOh......rashy"

Burns: "Wana hit up a surf?"
T rex: "Nah I had a look its rashy as"
by white-trash-doris May 30, 2008
It is a sea shirt, used to protect you from the sun and rashes when surfing and swimming
that kid has a sick rashy
by BettyOs August 10, 2006
1. Slang term for pussy, often paired with the word pu-tang or 'putani'.

2. Reference to sluts or the slurry.
1. 'Gonna get me some sweet rashy!'; 'Rashy putani!!!'
2. 'Where are my gumboots? I'll be gettin knee-deep in the rashy!'
by Eddiez_pr1de September 18, 2007

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