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Rashybone is used in two ways:
1. An expression of discontent
2. Describing someone/something in a negative way

Rashybone is usually used in reference to poor surf conditions. The term was originally coined by the notorious "Z Boys" of helensville, New Zealand
Also, see rashy.
Mayonazi: "Do you like sublime?"
Fag: "Not really,ae."
Mayonazi: "Pssh! fuck thats rashybone."

Colossal: "Yo Parrot is the surf pumping?"
Parrot Nose: "Nah bo, its small as and onshore. Fucken rashybone, ae."

by white-trash-doris May 30, 2008
A way of emphasising one's keenness to partake in an activity- often surfing, drinking or fighting.

Often shortened to mad dog.
Mad dog keen is a phrase made popular by the cult underground movie "Jordanman 2.0"
Dr Pain: "Wait...lets make this interesting. keen?"
Jordanman: "Yeah....Mad dog!"

Mayonazi: "Wanna get crunk as?"
Everyone: "fuck yeah, mad dog keen!"
by white-trash-doris May 30, 2008
Rashy is the shorter and more popular version of rashybone

Rashy is used to describe weak, onshore surf conditions as well as negative things in general
Doris: "Can we get on the brewskis tonite?"
Mayo: "FuckYeah! but theres no double brown left..."
Doris: "oOooOh......rashy"

Burns: "Wana hit up a surf?"
T rex: "Nah I had a look its rashy as"
by white-trash-doris May 30, 2008

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