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1. A person who, for reasons of emotional, psychological or intellectual deficits, can't distinguish between skepticism of rape culture and supporting rape

2. The vast majority of feminists
Feminist X is a rapetard, he called MRA Y a rape supporter because she said rape culture was bullshit
by Mr Funny May 30, 2013
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A retard spawned or otherwise conceived through the process of rape, or a person (retarded or not) conceived through rape in which the rapist was retarded.
That guy's creepy. I think he's a rapetard!
by nathanmcnathan May 16, 2009
Any person who is willing to do anything that is mildly retarded just to get a laugh. This often results in them "raping" themselves doing great bodily harm.
Dude you should jump out of the car.


It'd be funny.


Your a fuckin' Rapetard dude.
by JuSt Dragon Slayers May 09, 2009

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