verb-the catastrophic destruction of a good time usually affecting a group (i.e. when humor goes very wrong)
billy: "she was the best, i could do anything to her and she'd always beg for more! ha-ha"

jimmy(rapist): "i fucked this crazy whore who only got off if i came on the pickled fetus of her aborted daughter, or pictures of her dead mother!"

billy: "------!!!"

jimmy: "------???"

billy: "---did you really need to rape the situation?"
by Renny the n3rd April 17, 2007
A very bad crime in the real world, refers to forcing sex upon someone.

On any online game however, the meaning is changed from something completely different. It's interesting that one of the #1 internet insults is to attack someone's sexuality. But raped can be used in any sense, and will never, EVER be used by the rapee to accuse the rapist of being gay.

Word of warning, don't try and challenge that either...
Example 1.
Rapist: *Headshots someone 8 consecutive matches with

a glock in counter-strike* "Dude, you just got raped!"

Rapee: "Sadface"

Example 2.
soon-to-be rapee: "It's team rockets on valhala, and

all the noobs on my team quit. I'm about to get

by teh frere May 26, 2009
To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
To beat someone very badly during a competitive game.
I'm going to rape you on Call of Duty 3 tonight.
by Houston Heavyweight March 14, 2007
The act of getting screwed "unwillingly" if not inevitably by an exam, test, quiz, etc. This crime usually takes place in colleges, mostly universities, and the victims are usually peole with majors containing the word "engineer" or "engineering." Note: other majors may apply.
Victim: Dude, that exam so raped me. I think I will not be able to walk straight until the next semester.

Friend: Man, that sucks, and it is not even a final. Who knew asian profs had it in them.... K-Y Jelly is going to be a must for you during finals... buahahaha....

College Rule #????: Friends don't let friends be engineers.
by Chagu December 12, 2006
Losing horribly in a video game.
But in reality people are pretty much saying I just got butt fucked in the ass, over the internet.
I got raped in Halo last night.
by Reebaroof October 03, 2009
to preform unwanted sexual acts upon another; another name for soup
1) I was raped, so I called the cops and the assailant was arrested for sexual assault.
2) I just had a nice bowl of rape. It was really good, rape is great on a cold day.
by kibaftw November 11, 2008
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