Surprise sex
Its not rape. Its surprise sex!
by Sheen from Jimmy Neutron September 01, 2008
To assert something as being totally awesome.
Dude those shoes are totally rape!
by Mattmoss July 28, 2008
What you gonna get.

Yes you is.
You gonna get raped.
by The Rapist Behind you April 12, 2008
To take something away violently
I'm going to rape the candy from the child.
by Jerry Smith September 23, 2004
Sex by surprise!
It's not rape if I love you...
by HANNAHANDKRISTIN September 05, 2009
To have suprise sex with an unexpecting victim.
A buffting walked down my street i knocked her out and shoved my penis in her minge. However this did not turn out to be rape as she enjoyed it more than me.
by Sebbo12345 August 27, 2008
To force sexual intercourse upon someone.

also serves as a severe double standard

When a man rapes a woman she is scarred for life and causes that man to go to prison where he gets raped in the shower by a black man with a huge cock

when a woman rapes a man it is one of the greatest things that could ever happen to that man.if he should be stupid and retarded and tell on her every friend he ever had should go up to him and kick him in the balls so he could not pass on his stupidity to a new generation.
DUDE youll never guess what happened to me!


this hot ass asian chick raped me

omg where were you when this happened?you know so i could go check it out.
by the only real ninja here December 20, 2009

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