to force a man or women to have sex.....(a lot of guys would not object to this if a chick tried rapin him)
yo bro i heard a girl got raped down by Anderson station two nights ago.
by sean hope December 24, 2008
Rape - often used when forgetting to ask for sex. basically it's Surprise Sex!
In the middle - say "surprise" to stop screaming! "It's not rape - it's surprise sex....SURPRISE!"
by Loooooper May 11, 2008
What you gonna get.

Yes you is.
You gonna get raped.
by The Rapist Behind you April 12, 2008
When a woman changes her mind.
john kerry flip flops so much he can classify as a rape victim
by john deere haha January 17, 2010
to get forced into having sex without ones consent...
in other words to get owned.
Teen 1:Dude did you hear? Nicole got raped!!
Teen 2:OWNED
by BreeBites October 06, 2007
Not if you yell surprise.
(JK, guys)
"Ooh, vagina."

"You know you want it."

"No, it's okay if your uncle does it."

Not rape:
by The Anonymouse August 22, 2008
Suprise Sex
"Rape!" she yelled
"Good for you." they yelled back
by skuuishy April 16, 2009

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