Sex you didn't know you wanted.
"Hey stop! That's rape!"

"Rape's just sex you didn't know you wanted ;)"
by TheDragonOfIce August 31, 2008
Suprise Sex
"Rape!" she yelled
"Good for you." they yelled back
by skuuishy April 16, 2009
1. surprise sex
2. sex you didnt know you wanted til an hour after it started.
Ariana: oh yea keep it comming. rape me dylan.
by Bun Bun June 12, 2008
Something that happens when you dress like a slut.
What the hell, why was I just raped?

Look at how you're dressed.

by Pissant Fuckwad February 19, 2009
surprise sex
unexpected sex
an old man walks up to you in a dark alley and rapes you or has sex with you which is unexpected therefore it is surprise sex.....remember kids always use protecion.
by emilii07 January 18, 2010
Sexual pleasure between muslim men and white girl.
Muslim men hides in bush, then attack the girl and "do her" one by one screaming islamic profanities at her. Rape is ok in islam as long as the victim is a white pig.
by Adolf Wong Hitler October 28, 2008
A fun way to tell people to do or not do something, despite the obvious negative associations. Particularly fun to say to friends or relatives.
Shut up or I'll rape you!
Touch my new TV, and I'll rape you!
Get dirt in my car, and I'll rape you!

by 123_Fake_Street December 26, 2008

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