Something Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 does to everything that moves.
Cling clack bang scraape
The Pyramid Head has come to rape
by Moe Ho April 04, 2009
used to describe an item that is enormously better than other items of its kind.
"Man, check out this rape PC I stole from my mom's house."

"Hey, let's go listen to In Rainbows on Carleton's rape stereo."

"That's rape."
by lakfdy98733 March 05, 2009
Somebody getting so senselessly owned so powerfully that it can't be used by either powned/owned or even rofl powned. It can only be compared to the devastating affect of rape.
Holy shit! Rambo just raped that Zipper Head!

Dude, omg Danny raped Frank in the fight. It wasn't even close!

USC raped UCLA by 100 for the 8th time in a row!
by BigRed32 February 11, 2009
a word also substituted by fire because nobody will fucking believe you any more. In the gaming world people will use this world for shooting the shit ouy of an enamy.(or not)
"help im being fired" or "I just raped thated bith with my BAR"
by evan redmond February 15, 2008
1. (n.) a way to desribe that something completely awesome.

2. (v.) to completely own or, pwn if you will.
1. We're all going to whitecastle! It's gonna be RAPE!

2. I do not play video games myself, but some of my friends RAPE at Halo.
by ivelostyourhope January 25, 2008
v. To own or pwn someone or some people.
I raped Joe at Halo last night, the score was 25 to 4.
by I got a Need for Speed July 20, 2006

a complete and utter violation, of the highest accord.
anna : did you just eat my last boiled egg?
reeta : yeah, AND it tasted like shit.

bob : what a rape, haha
by s.A June 18, 2006
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