To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
A terrible thing that no woman should have to go through. For the sensible ones that are probably virgins (i wouldn't know but I'm guessing) it will probably not be the most comfortable thing ever, and the rapers will probably not go easy. Raping is not to be taken as a joke or anything silly. It's a serious, terrible thing that anyone who does it should have his dick stuck in a pineapple corer.
Judge Judy: *stern voice* You are a heartless scum-have you no feeling for her?
Raper:*whiney voice* Sorry...
Judge Judy: *sterner voice* WHat? You rape some poor innocent girl off the streets and then say sorry?
Raper: *pitiful whine* I said I was sorry...
Girl: says nothing is still sobbing.
Judge Judy: You see that girl? Does she look happy?
Raper: Ummm
Judge Judy: *sighs* You are an infidel. I hereby sentence you to a lifetime in jail.
Raper: Whew I got off easy.
Judge Judy: Just kidding-the electric chair is awaiting you.
Raper: *nothing*
Raper: Ouch the preacher wasn't kidding when he said the flames of hell were hot.
Girl: *Giggles back on earth*
by Phoeeebeee November 09, 2006
To absolutely destroy or take advantage of.
Those dumb villagers got raped by the insurance salesman.
by JD January 23, 2003
An expression used when you want somebody to stop touching you.
The football player yelled out "RAPE!" so the other football players wouldn't touch him. It'd be way too awkward.
by Alan ZEEE May 22, 2005
a horrific crime in which the sexual will of a perpetrator, a rapist, is imposed upon a rape victim, who for whatever reason does not manage to prevent or stop the violation from taking place. While rape disproportionally affects women, it can happen to a person of any sex, orientation, or gender.

In the recent political arena, Republicans have misused the word "rape," describing some rapes as "legitimate", citing that it is "God's will" when a rapist impregnates his victim, and even calling rape "beautiful" when it results in a child being conceived. For the most part, these statements were made to express extreme opposition to abortion rights, and thankfully many a conservative Republican political career was destroyed when their shocking words sent reproductive age women and men running into the arms of Democratic candidates.
In the middle of the 2015 Grammy Awards, President Obama appeared on the big screen to speak out against rape and violence against women.
by D.S. Credito March 13, 2015
Unwanted intercourse because you are intoxicated
Dude, I swear that fat bitch raped me last night
by Adam78 June 04, 2005
Something that people scream/shout for:
A)No reason/Just to be random
B)To get people away from them
C)TO yell out when it's acutally happening,but no one believes you. (O.o)
A: In the middle of a crowd,Bob screamed out,"RAPE!" for no reason.
B:"RAPE!"Bob cried when his mother tried to hug him.
C:"RAPE!"Bob cried out,when he was actually being raped.
No one came.
by Renniie September 22, 2006
The act of forcing someone to have sex with you, mostly violently.
Guy 1:Hey you wanna play rape?
Guy 2:No!
Guy 1:That's the spirit!!
by itzadolfin!! May 13, 2011

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