Rape is a horrible thing which can be commited by any sick-minded dork. You dont need to be a guy.. You dont need to be a woman.. You dont need to be stupid adolescent to do it..Just because I, being a woman, adding this definition, does not mean i am some stupid whiny bitch. No, it means i am a teen concerned about the problems people seem to have using rape(d) as a synonym for beaten or defeated.That shouldn't happen. Rape is a serious issue. Teens should know the difference. But in this age, it doesnt matter what the word is, it most likely has a more funny definition that idiots use. But even if some one with a brain reads this it wont matter... Unless people take a stand. One of my friends and I were at a fair and she got lost. A man started to chase her and conered her in an alley. He then raped and beat her. When my friends and i found her, we had to take her to the hospital. When she got out, it took her 5 months of therapy just to say who did it. The man who did it was a guy from our group. It may be hard for those who have not been faced with rape to understtand but it is really horrible. And the people who do it and enjoy it should all go to Hell and burn for the rest of eternity.
"Hey, Matt."
"What, Brody?"
"You know Alana?"
"Yeah what about her?"
"Remember when we went to that fair a couple years ago?"
"Yeah..I remember Alana ran off some where, where'd she go anyways?"
"She said no to me when i asked to take her out to dinner at my place. So, I chased her down and alley and raped her.."
"What the hell? Are you serious? Do you know what happens to people when they do that?
"Well yeah they go to jail..but only if the person they did it to tells anyone."
"Yeah well you just told some one you idiot."
"Your not gonna rat on me are you?"
"Yeah I have to. Alana is still scared."
"Whatever. You wouldnt dare."
*Matt walks away.*
The Next Week
Judge: I hereby am Sentencing Brody Micheals to Ten years in prison for the rape and beating of Alana Johnston."
*Brody is cuffed and sent off to the next ten years of his life in jail.*
**all names HAVE been changed..**
by Alana's Friend December 27, 2007
A total violation of the most sacred and delicate part of another person, male or female. Stripped of all human dignity, and left to feel afraid that leaves the sufferer in an almost catatonic state of depression. Not a subject matter to be made light of. Mostly commited by evil and inhumane educated or uneducated chauvinists with a greedy sense of self entitlement, in every area of their lives. From reading the other comments, that doesn't match the characters of other users.
Any form of rape or sexual aggro: Discreetly, and sensitively use your well developed imaginations.
a morbid, discusting, hienous, and unfathomable way for a man to feel he has power. pathetic excuses for human beings. it is the ultamate defeat and will never be forgotten
these men dont just rape physically, they rape the soul
by rachellynnhill October 12, 2006
Rape - forced sexual intercourse including penetration (oral, vaginal, anal), mainly by men on women (90% of the cases), using either physical strength, threat, or surprise. This is the legal definition.

I think the dumb guys - i doubt they are girls - who try to be funny about it, or look manlier than they are should shut up.

I also think that it is not accurate to say that rape "destroys your own life", as it is written in some other definitions. It is possible to overcome this. Girls can be warriors, they can be strong. The only reason why they often endure severe traumas is that men, and all the rest of society, after having raped them, humiliate them, say they're lying, or make fun of them, when they dare speaking out loud about this. This is the reason why so many girls never tell about it, and feel guilty about it. Men feel guilty, and are scared that girls might refuse to be raped, and bite their dicks off, so they teach them that THEY are the guilty ones when they get raped, that THEY actually LIKE what is happening to them, and that they should feel dirty about it, because they are sinners and temptatresses (i don't have a clue if that word exists or not, english is not my mother language, sorry).
"you're so fuckin' goddamned full of rape, but does that mean my body must always be a source of pain ? Hey do you believe there's anything beyond troll guy reality ? I do, I do, I do"
(lyrics from the riotgrrrlpunk song "I like fucking", by Bikini Kill)
by riotgrrl November 17, 2006
A heinous, violent crime that should be dealt with vigilante justice.
Our commnunity is dealing with that old man rapist by taking him out to a parking lot beating him senseless with baseball bats and possibly cutting his balls off!
by RC April 26, 2005
A viscious crime in which somebody forces somebody else into having sex, entirely without the other person's consent.

Rape is not erotic at all and it is not about sexual pleasure; rape is about power and control over another.

Usually, rape is reported as a man raping a woman; men who rape often have sex quite often and/or have a sexual dysfunction. In the case of the dysfunction, he could be taking out his frustration by rape.

Other times, men feel threatened by women and their rising status and want women back where they were, so they attack women, wanting to hurt them, embarrass them, and frighten them. This case is especially true in places where traditional gender roles are rigid and where the "ideal" male is aggressive, unfeeling, and strong.

Women, on the other hand, are totally capable of raping men. A common way that they do so is to blackmail men into sex with them.

And men can rape other men and women can rape other women just as easily as heterosexuals can rape the opposite gender.
Rape is not all right. Rape is not erotic; it's terrifying! Sexual assault takes a lifetime to cope with; such severe things are not anything that one can just "get over". And the sentence for rapists is too short! Two years in the slammer and then they're free (to rape) again?!

Oh, and when a lady says "No!", she means "No!"

Do your beat to escape rape if you can: scream for help, bite them, scratch them, punch them, hit her in the breasts, kick him in the crotch, stomp on their feet, punch them in the gut, kick them in the shins, do whatever you can to get away from them. Take a self-defense class if you don't feel that you can fight.

Remember: rape is not the victim's fault; it's the rapist's fault and the rapist's problem.
by Lorelili March 19, 2005
An unholy and inhumane act of violence that permenantly causes great physical, mental, social, and psycological damage to the victim of these horrific crimes. Rape is NOT something to joke about. It is a crime against humanity and should be punishible by a slow and painful death. Rape is an action taken by the rapist to take control over a human being. Rape is never the victims fault, and the victim never "asks for it." Rape sometimes also occurs with domestic violence and other forms of abuse. Both Women and Men are victims of rape. It is widely accepted by both religious and civil law that rape is unethical, immoral, and that the rapist's soul or life source is damned to go to hell or to be reincarnated into the least holy of all forms of life. Under no circumstances is rape ever justified, no one deserves to be raped.
They caught the rapist and sent him to burn in hell. He will pay for that unacceptable act of rape.
by Tradesman88 October 09, 2007

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