A form of primarily (but not exclusively) black music that comes from the hip-hop subculture. Centers mostly around touchy subjects like gang violence, social injustices, racism, and controversy in their music. Has produced songs of beautiful poetry with strong messages, as well as lovable and catchy beats.
Often bashed by ignorant people on Urban Dictionary who think that people like 50 cent and P Diddy are the best that rap's got to offer.
Truth is, most of the best rap artists, like Eminem, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Nas, and Common are not often featured on MTV. Thus, people who don't listen to REAL rap are subjected to talentless sellouts that the RIAA likes to sponsor.
by Whatnao September 15, 2011
Rapping (also known as emceeing, MCing, spitting, or just rhyming) is the rhythmic spoken delivery of rhymes and wordplay, one of the elements of hip hop music and culture. Rap is NOT a genre a music, but rapping, or MCing is a part of the genre "Hip-Hop". Hip-Hop also consists of graffiti art, DJing, MCing(rapping), and breaking.

Today, almost all mainstream rap has completely sold out to mainstream America. Mainstream rap has NO self expression in it, and does not represent itself well anymore. More and more artists try to get a hit song, rather than express themselves- or a good album. So anyone that thinks "rap" is what they see on TV (Soulja Boy, 50 Cent, etc.) is definately wrong. In fact, most of these shitty rappers don't even represent their DJ. "Bling rap" is BULLSHIT.

Good rap flows, and not just relies on the beat, it works with it. Rap is all about expression, but has been capitalized on as of late, unfortunately. There are some rappers and hip-hop artists that still keep it real though, but almost all of them are underground- if still active.

For all the people that think rappers like "Soulja Boy, 50 Cent, Chingy, and Chamillionaire" are real, you're wrong. That's "Hip-POP", and it sucks. There is no expression in Hip-Pop, but there is always expression from a real Hip-Hop rapper.

For all the people out there that think rap/hip-hop is what they see on TV, and people rapping about their shopping lists or other miscellaneous bullshit- I urge you to listen to some real Hip-Hop MCs.
Some real Hip-Hop/Rap music:

A Tribe Called Quest
De La Soul
One Self
Psyche Origami
The Notorious B.I.G.
The Roots
Junk Science
People Under the Stairs
Gang Starr
All Natural
Digable Planets
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Listen to some of that, if you think that Rap has no self expression, or if you know "Rap" from mainstream radio and TV.
If you don't know where to start, I suggest songs like this(my personal tastes):

"Electric Relaxation" by "A Tribe Called Quest"
"Bluebird" by "One Self"
"Graffiti" by "Digable Planets"
"Breakadawn" by "De La Soul"
by C,Y, April 05, 2008
A form of terrible mainstream music that is belted in high school parking lots across the country. This form of music takes no musical skill, or even the ability to pronounce words correctly (Lil Jon). Whereas Hip Hop is the purest form of music in which artists such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Black Star, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots etc. use amazing lyrical talent to spread their message of change and hope for many problems accross the world. If you still think rap and Hip Hop are the same, then do you consider Nickelback and Megadeth to be in the same genre; rock?
Person A: Why are you listening to rap? Person B: I'm not listening to rap, I'm listening to Hip Hop, there is a very large difference.
by Truthiness September 04, 2007
Rap is a genre of music. Those who say rap is about only certain subjects are not being logical. The content therein is not what defines a genre. The content is what defines a sub-genre. But the truth is, all music is undefinable. No single definition can explain the huge web of music one influence can create. I listen to all rock and roll but metal, which may baffle some people, and I listen to all hip hop that I think is artful enough.People have been throwing out words targeting popular rap artists such as 50 Cent. NOT ONE ARTIST CAN ENCOMPASS AN ENTIRE GENRE OF MUSIC. The real reason people are going out of their way to insult what rap (and rock) music really is they don't feel comfortable with it. Music is not "good" or "bad". ALL MUSIC HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE ENJOYED, AS LONG AS IT IS APPROACHED WITH AN OPEN MIND. Your taste in music is affected by your life, what you are surrounded by, what you are told is good. People who could hate rock don't give it a chance because they don't want to be like people who listen to rock. Same thing goes for rap, which is what we have been seeing here.
Rap and Rock and Roll and actually very similar. Some Rock and Roll is about sex drugs and money. Some hip hop is about
the appreciation of its own music,equivalent to having a rock song about "rocking out".
Some say rap takes no talent. 1, that is completely opinionated. 2, they are mixing up musical talent with knowledge of music theory. True, Hip Hop and Rap does not require knowledge of music theory(although it helps), but it could be said that rap requires more natural, raw talent rythmic talent than Rock and Roll. It is not necesarilly true,and in some cases are not, but it could be considered. Again, genres are so wide, there is no way to not oversimplify.
The main thing is, you enjoy music that you WANT to enjoy. If someone gives you A TRIBE CALLED QUEST's THE LOW-END THEORY, and you say, I hate how these guys are so under-produced,than chances are you wont happen to like it after a couple of listens because you are giving it no room to grow on you. But if you have and open-minded approach towrads it, you might say, after a couple of listens, I feel comfortable hearing this, and I think it is great. Not many people who can describe an entire genre as "bad" like music itself enough to approach a new genre, and dig deep for something they like. They let the corporate heavies set the bar for all of this music. Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Roll, are all judged, and should both not be viewed as Metallic, Headbanging nonsense, and Gangsterific, Shoot 'em up pointless talking.
The point is, if you love music enough, don't judge, and don't be lazy. Search for music, and don't let the pop get to you first.
Rock Lover: Rap is bad. It takes no skill.
Rap Lover: All you have to do is break a guitar to play rock.

The Truth: No sentence alone can describe music. Don't let WHO listens to music affect how you like it, and approach it with an open mind.
(p.s. For those who do and don't like hip hop, actually check out the what I think is a genius album "The Low End Theory" by "A Tribe Called Quest")
by HVD August 29, 2007
Music that prolly wouldn't be so bad if MTV hadn't gotten a hold of it. The most mainstream (meaning overplayed, and only like by 12 year old fags who think they're hot shit because they can mimic the way 50 Cent and Eminem dress) is cheap beats (made in programs like Fruity Loops Studio) that loop annoyingly, accompanied by a person talking fast about stuff (stupid shit like being a 'gangsta', drugs, sex, women, or their life story. This is the worst form of rap (and I don't mean because of the swears). Underground rap is more closely related to the way original rap/hip hop was recorded, and includes turntablism, sampling, producing, visual art, breakdancing, beatboxing, and more.
It has been said that rap is only hated by rich white people, and blacks only like rap. Not true. I have a black friend who likes rock, I like rock (I am white and not rich).
Rap is teh suck and rock is teh win
A form of music. Not loved by everyone. Different people have different tastes. People who are on here dissin Rap need to just shut up. Because if you dont like it, dont get involed in things that involve it. Most of you are probably white, (not saying that, that is a bad thing) and probably have no rythm. Rap music is all about Rythm and beats. So if you cant keep a Rythm or a beat how are you going to appreiciate the music. Not always about hoes, and drugs, and money. And dont think that Rap and Rock dont go together!!! Have you heard Numb with Linkin Park and Jay-Z??? Two of my favorite Artists/Bands, and I am black.
A form of music, just like Rock, or Country, or Pop. Country is not for everyone, Rock is not for everyone, Pop is not for everyone, and neither is Rap. So if you dont like Rap you should just stay out of it. And if you have nothing nice to say about it just shut up!
by muzichick May 05, 2006
One of the most skill requiring forms of music ever. It is, by far, the most difficult style to perfect.
(I'd like to see metal bands come up with words ON THE SPOT)
Rap spawned in the 70's, and was later killed by fags like Pow wow (Paul Wall has a difficult time pronouncing his name), Mike Jones, 50 cent, Lil Jon, and most modern rappers.
If you think that rap is all sex and drugs (just like heavy metal) listen to REAL rap, not these fags today.
And stop saying Retards Attempting Poetry, cause i'd like to see any other form of music make up words while performing.
You like rap
I'm not gay
Oh, hell ya.
by Smartrep February 21, 2006
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