flow rhyming poetry

something i make
i made this in few secs.

bow wow thinks he got tattoos, but he never heard of ink
faker than ja rule and the murder inc
50 got fame, but he's overrated
its a shame for ja rule, he's an exposure native*

native=related to
he faces much exposure, almost that he is related to it, its figurative language

you see, rap requires much though and education in language(learning new words, using figurative language, slanting rhymes, certain amounts af syllables for verses, etc......)
rap does NOT= just talking with no talent
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg September 27, 2005
Not to be confused with "Hip Pop" garbage that one can hear daily on MTV, or the local radio.

If you'll notice, nearly all the definitions have about half of the votes in favor (thumbs up) and half against (thumbs down).

Rap is very polarizing. Some people love it and some hate it. Some will say it's poetry over a beat, some think they're very clever and say something retarded like "Can't spell crap without rap" or "Retards Attempting Poetry".

The point is...people who endlessly hate on rap for invalid reasons are wrong because they're idiots. And people who endlessly defend rap are idiots for thinking they can convince those other idiots otherwise.

People who just listen to rap, or metal, or both, and go about their shit like usual are cool.

More power to you.
Faggoty Metal Head: Rap is crap!

Elitist self-anointed rap connoisseur: Dude, you need to listen to real rap!

(three hours later)

Faggoty Metal Head: Can't spell rap without crap!

Elitist self-anointed rap connoisseur: Have you even heard of (Insert: some underground artist nobody knows)?!?!

Roommate who's tired of his friends' shit: Both of you are fucking idiots. Shut the fuck up!
by dtx3 July 11, 2010
Rap is an acronym for: Rhythm and Poetry.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don't seem to know this.
RAP = rhythm and poetry
by Joab Da Truth January 27, 2009
a genre of music that is all too often stereotyped for being highly materialistic and confused with Hip Hop.

Rap stands for Rhythm and Poetry, not Retards atempting Poetry (and this is for all the urban dictionary drones who copied the first acronym into their definitions).

Ignorant people often mistake rap for guys rhyming about cars, houses, drugs, sex, etc. This is what you'd call "Commercial Rap", that is, rappers who have signed on to huge record labels only to lose control of their self respect, waving their money around in the face of their lower-class counterparts. Commercial Rappers are completely unaware that they are ruining rap's good name by spoiling the lyrical styles with materialistic garbage. Old school rap and new non-crap rap music is called Underground rap.

Ignorant people also confuse rap and hip hop. Here's the difference: Rap is focused almost completley on the lyrics, usually telling a story or expressing one's self in such a way. Hip Hop is focused on the beat/melody, where the hip hop artist, NOT the rapper, is simply adding rhyming phrases to his or her music. Hip Hop is in no way a variation of rap. Occasionaly, a rapper might do a collaboration or remix to a hip hop song, but rarely vice versa.

Examples of good rappers are Tupac Shakur, Nas, Mos Def (the old school rappers), and examples of the Commercial rappers are 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and any rapper/rap group who talks more about what they have than what they could be doing for society, like the good rappers.

Also, this is America: a grossly capitalistic nation, in which our economic advantages and ignorance seep into all kinds of musical genres, unfortunatly Rap the most. The real problem with rap today is that youngsters who want to be rappers aren't influenced by the good old school Tupac-esque rappers anymore; the only thing they hear on radio stations these days is the commercial garbage rap, and thus they want to become a commercial rapper. Tupac would piss all over these fake rappers if he were still alive.

Lastly, rap is not just for black people. Rap music is for EVERYONE...no race can ever "own" a genre of music. Examples of skilled non-black rappers are Eminem, Paul Wall, Cyprus Hill, Daddy Yankee, etc. Hopefully, this definition got through to someone.
Rap is good. Commercial rap sucks. Therefore, Tupac is awesome, 50cent is lame.
by JT the man January 03, 2008
to Read And Paraphrase according to our teacher. This is a very long assignment in which I dread. My hand always ends up hurting. Private schools suck.
Mr. Evans: Okay your assignment for the day is to RAP pages 1-200.
Class: WHAT?!?!
Mr. Evans: Yep, due tomorrow.
Class: You suck.
Mr. Evans: You have to, but if you're a failure that means you're gonna be successful in my book.
Kelli: I hate you.
Mr. Evans: Oh I love it when you rebel. You'll be successful.
by That uber sexy girl February 19, 2007
Rap is not a fashion statement that is going to fade in a couple of years ( maybe in the suburbs but that's why you people don't understand, but let me explain). Rap is more than music, rap is a culture (hip-hop), with that said if you insult rap, you insult a whole culture. Maybe white kids in the suburbs are now deciding to listen to rap because it is the cool thing to do, but you got to understand that rap is the language of not only the young african americans, but also of the working class and the oppressed. I understand there is some shitty music in rap now, because rap is not controlled by rappers anymore but by the industry (people who hate rap like you guys but that are making a lot of cash with it). And know you're history, when a music genre is too much popular and generates a lot of money it always becomes shit, it happened to rock and now it's happening to rap. If raps doesn't require any talent, then please, try. Try to speak with poetry to a whole generation that listens to you, and to make them bounce while at it. Personnaly i would love to hear it, and laugh at it. It's normal to not understand rap, like if you're not born in italy you don't understand italian, because rap is a language. But please, don't make statements disrespecting a culture and a music that you don't even know. Hate against rap is really comparable to racism or fascism, and what's funny is that you don't even realise it. If rap is not your cup of tea , let it be, but don't make bold statements that you would never do in public if it's not in front of you're skater white friends. Rap is a music that you got to respect if you don't like it, like I respect punk rock, event if I don't bump this in my car. Rap is not just drugs, prostitutes and alcohol, but it's that too...because maybe it's not possible in your reality, but for us it's custom to have prostitutes, crackheads or alcoholics as our neighbours. Thank you, Good bye. Biatch.
Rhytme And Poetry= Rap
by mo'fucka August 18, 2006
Really good music, well at least, it was. Until all the gansta rap guys like 50, Chamillionaire, and Chingy came along. If you want some real rap, listen to Will Smith, LL Cool J, Mos Def, etc.
rap:-(Yup) truck wit rims (check), throw back Jersey (check)
Champagne bottles (check) lot’s of models (check)
Damn, that’s the list for 90% of y’all videos and songs
Am I wrong?
-Why should I try to sound like y’all sound
That’s what’s wrong wit the rap game right now

gansta rap:-I got a gat man
There's a problem I'ma solve it
A nigga movin' around
With a big ass revolver and a bat, man
What the fuck are you retarded
by DestinyJ June 19, 2006
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