1. a type of entertainment in which people, generally African American, talk (or rap) about their lives, the lives of people in general, love, politics (I HATE POLITICS) and any other thing they can think of.
2. I hate Kanye West! He is one of the whiney African Americans that claims that all white people are racist. They just aren't, Kanye! You have chosen the worlds WORST COP OUT!
3. I think rap can be considered "entertainment" but not "music". Rap just isn't music.
Rap is not my kind of entertainment, but I don't hate it as much as some people on this website.
by O'Shaugnessy September 26, 2005
The worst "music" there has ever been. R.A.P = Retards attempting poetry. Anyone who likes this music is either some black person completing the stereotype or is a white guy that wants to be black.
Can't spell crap without rap.
by No8675309 March 02, 2008
a genre that only harkore listeners and fans would understand. most parents and neone whu does not listen to it regularly think it is pointless. they usually judge it by wat theyu see on mtv. or they judge it by that snitch 50 cent. listen to dr. dre, tupac, the game, eminem, biggie, etc., if u rilly want to know rap.
lil jon: snap yo fingaz, u can do it all by yo self
other southern artists: lean wit it rock wit it
50 cent: let u lick tha lollipop
punk rocker: man this shit sucks
rapper: her listen to this
punk rocker listens to a week worth of biggie and pac
punk rocker: man forget rock, rap all the way
by Yung Stir July 07, 2006
Id just like say to im white and not even from america, but i was readin through this and just thinkin how many idiotic stupid racist white people there are.. YO STFU!

Yeah i might listen to rock, and others but i love rap the most because unlike what most of u bullshitters say, it actually has some of the most meaning.

And that guy who said em is a white fuck... wtf man.. get a grip.. why does rap hafta because a racial issue. Half of the blacks in America have accepted Em so why dont you?

Listen to some decent rap and stay away from mosta the gangsta bull if ya dont like it !

Peace Out an
Stop the gay-ass racism

Rap: Listen to 2pacs songs, eg. changes. , listen to Eminem, Mobb Deep, jay-z, digital underground, just listen!
by Jake Mannin May 13, 2006
Urban style of music often critisized as not being a form of music. Also usually stereotyped and limited to 50 Cent, Eminem, T.I., Ja Rule and other bullshit, mainstream artists. Think about it, all music talks about the same things, life, love and most of all failure. People's lifestyles just happen to be different. Also music is all based on preference so if you dont like it, don't listen to it! On a final note, just like with anything, you should research and get to know something before you go dissing on it or you're really just an ignorant prick.
Real rap....
Midwest: Psychodrama, Do or Die, Snypaz, Crucial Conflict, Old school Twista (I.E. Adrenaline Rush, Legit Ballin), Blaze, Tech N9ne, Skatterman and Snug Brim, Empire, Rashawnna ect.....

West Coast: Smig Dirtee, Mac Dre, Yukmouth, C-BO, E-40 ect...

East Coast: Corey Gunz, Sticky Fingaz, Young Cap, Young City ect...

Dirty South: Cl' Che, UGK, Scarface, Lil Fate, Small World, Fishscales, Nappy Roots. Field Mobb, Camoflauge ect....

White Rappers: Haystak, E.C. Illa, Trixsta, Illmeye, T-Bone, Komain ect.....
by Trixsta January 02, 2006
The ULTIMATE black stereotype.
Black guy: *crappy attempt at rap*
White guy: My god, all black people must like rap!
Other white go: Is that so?
White guy: Indeed!
Blonde girl: I believe this stupid stereotype because I'm blonde!
White guy: Oh the wit, ANOTHER stereotype!
Englishman: Guffaw!
by Giltia December 22, 2005
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