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Total cunt move.
"My roommate deleted me on facebook"

"Damn that's a TCM!"
by knaksadnama December 14, 2011
verb: referring to watching the television station, TCM. AKA: Turner Classic Movies.
"I will see you later! I have to go TCM for a while."
by Noname33 May 19, 2008
Texas Chinsaw Massacre, usually used as an acronym in order to threaten to teach someone a lesson.
Example 1: Don't make a move or I'll have to get all TCM on your ass.

Example 2: I am about at level ten on the anger-o-meter, I might have to make a TCM in all 50 states.
by Lonnie Thomas March 12, 2006
Abbreviation for Trench Coat Mafia
I was certain there was an abbreviation besides TCM for youths wearing Black Trench Coats.
by Reuel Titus October 20, 2003
Twitchy Cunt Muscle.

1: A rigorously pleasured female genitalia.

2: An UBER biatch... the worst kind of cunt.
1: "All that was left moving was her TCM."

2: "I wish Jenny would get off the rag, she is SUCH a TCM."
by dr. tapper April 23, 2010
Turd Cutting Muscle The crimping device that bites off turds to the required length.
After two roasts, six pints of beer, and a kebab on the way home the TCM will be busy tomorrow.
by SGC CC June 17, 2011
Tunnel Cunted Mole. Used to describe a very mean woman
That bitch is a total TCM
by DBJB October 30, 2008

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