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The place where you go for the first 18 years of life. You are stripped of almost all of your rights and no one cares about you. You go through very exotic forms of torture such as a technique called "algebra" or another one called "french". the place were you are fed strange and exotic foods that make your stomach hurt and ooze strange goo out of them when you bite into them.
Mom- "wake up, it's time for school."

Me- "Oh My Dear Lord. Mom, i got AIDS so i can't go today."

Mom- "WHAT?!?!?!"

Me- "Whoops, see, this is what happens when i get rushed....to go to.........school."
by AHairyGrowth June 11, 2009
A song created and sung by the North- California band "Green Day".

Many people say the song sucks, when it really doesn't. To understand the song you have to actually listen to the lyrics.

It speaks about the second American Revolution against these greed, rich, sons of bitches.
Many lyrics that show this is a political song are

"insurgency will rise"

"gimme, gimme REVOLUTION!"

" well, you gotta know your enemy"
by AHairyGrowth June 12, 2009
A form of evil brought upon this world. It has overtaken the minds of the major teenage population in the US making them think they're cool. Rap speaks about drugs, sex, alcohol, "bitches", money, and more pointless garbage. Only 30% of rap is good and meaningful. i.e. FLOBOTS, TCM, and a couple of other rap groups who speak of real global issues.

Rap also brings the most retarded styles brought upon mankind. These styles include the sag. the sag is where young men wear their pants below their ass crack for easy access for rape. shutter shades. these glasses come in gay fruity colors and have "shutters" which don't allow you to see properly. they are not good, cost like $30, and are pointless. Wearing your fitted hats on the tip of your head about to fall off. and other styles.

And also, I'm not emo or goth or anything. I bmx and i just simply hate the way rap has influenced the world. And also, just cuz you listen to rap doesn't mean you live the "da hood nigga". cuz you actually live in a nice, boring suburban town.
Alex: "rap is the shit nigga, awww yeaaa im saggin'"
Guy: "cool, so do you want it quick and painless or slow and rough?"
Alex: "what?!?!?!!?. you i'll bust a cap up your ass nigga!"
Guy: " O rly? your 15 and have a paintball gun, live in a suburb, and play videogames. yeah, im afraid...
by AHairyGrowth June 16, 2009

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