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tainted, spoiled, gone-off. Usually referred to meat products and meat alternatives.
Teh rancid maet hert my bely!1
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 03, 2003
70 53
Slang term for something totally awesome or absolutely amazing. Similar to gnarly i.e. something that goes beyond radical or extreme.
Dude I went to Cuba in the summer. It was totally rancid!!!!
by Plumburgercheese May 26, 2009
406 72
Wicked punk rock band with an amazing sound. Featuring Modern Punk Rock Legend Lars Frederikson. Authors of such songs as: Ruby Soho, Time Bomb.
Destination, U-u-unkown... Ruby Ruby, Ruby Ruby Soho
by Matt The Dude April 04, 2003
680 476
great band, true to the music.
rancids kicks my moms ass.
by drunkwasabi April 09, 2003
404 311
One of the greatest punk bands of all time. The band consists of Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman from OPIV, Lars Fredericksen (who later formed Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards) and Brett Reid.
Let's Go is Rancid's best album.
by Skankin' Cucumber September 10, 2005
331 242
But yet the best band ever, sings the greatest songs which include - Radio
Rancid - Roots Radicals
by anonymous February 03, 2003
258 196
a word that describes something that is disgusting.
Fran: Oh gross, did u fart?
Jim: Yeah.
Fran: Thats so rancid.
Jim: Yeah.
Harriet: Get those shoes out of my room!
Mark: Why?
Harriet: Look at them! They're rancid!
by b3c September 11, 2005
118 86
Punk/Ska band developed in 1991. Starting with

Tim Armstrong (Vocals/Guitarist)
Matt Freeman (Backing Vocals/Guitarist)
Brett Reed (Drums)
Lars Frederiksen (Bassist/Vocals)

This band is amazing and unless seen and heard in concert. One cannot be truly declared as a Rancid fan. You could have sex with Tim Armstrong...but unless you've heard him live you're not a true fan.

When you hear a Rancid song, you know its Rancid. Especially after hearing Tim Armstrongs voice.
"well, he's back in the hole where they got him living
like a rat but he's smarter than that nine lives
like a cat 15 years old take him to the youth authority home
first thing you learn is that you got to make it
in this world alone " -Time Bomb-

Me:"Hey dude!"
Me:"I've got good news and bad news"
Me:"Rancids going back on tour and their new albums coming out!!"
Mike:"Cool...whats the badnews."
Me:"I used your money for tickets..."
Mike:"How is that bad? We got tickets to Rancid"
Me:"No...Me and Jenny did..."
by NoVaKaiNe July 03, 2006
73 45