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to be politically correct, the racial equivalent of white trash. tis a logical conclusion....
poor, useless black person
by sammy February 19, 2004
a person who does not listen to any particualr type of music. They are not townies, moshers, goths, trendys or anything else, they just act like themselves instead of being fake and following a crowd.
original 1 : look at all those people over there
oringinal 2 : yeh they all look the same
by sammy November 20, 2004
a funny face, used to resemble a face with its tounge out.
omg i s0000000 0wned j00 =P
by Sammy May 28, 2003
a fckin kick ass band..so fall back
one of the best bands everr..O.A.R.
by sammy March 15, 2005
someone real close to you such as best friend or family
what up fams whats good?
by Sammy March 26, 2003
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