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Ramrod is a term used to describe a person who takes responsibility for accomplishing or running things, or for the act of accomplishing or running things. In other words, a person who gets things done!
"I'm Olivares. I'm ramrod around here." - Sho-sa Esau Olivares, Robert N. Charette's Heir to the Dragon
by kopper January 02, 2006
N-1. Ram-Rod Club in Mykonos, Greece
2. A person who has sexual intercourse with an individual of the same sex (generally males)

V-1. have sexual intercourse with an individual of the same sex (generally males)
2. act like you have just had sexual intercourse with an individual of the same sex (generally males)

Adj-to liken someone or something to someone who has sex with an individual of the same sex (generally males)

Adv-to do something in a manner that would could be generally be described as something that someone who has intercourse with an individual of the same sex (generally males) would do.
N-1. Jack: Are yal trying to go to Ram-Rod tonight?
Alec: No, I dont think so, did you see that guy with a half shirt just walk in there?
Olivia: Yeah, what about that couple that just walked in there where one of their hands in each others' back pockets?

N-2. Eliza: Quit being such a Ram-Rod Alec. You have been acting like such a Ram-Rod ever since I took a picture of that naked fat man on Paradise Beach. Jealous ya Ram-Rod?

V-1. Olivia: Did you and Jack Ram-Rod each other last night Alec when you had to awkwardly sleep in the same bed together?

V-2. Dmitry: You guys ram-rodded around all day and didn't make it to the nude beach did you?

Adj-Alec: That masseuse was so Ram-Rod it didnt make me that mad that he apparently jiggled my girlfriends tush during her massage.

Adv-Eliza: Dmitry talked so ram-roddingly there is simply no way he wasn't ram-rod.
by Dmitry, the ram-rod one July 24, 2008
To forcefully thrust an object into a space not necessarily designed for it.
"I know that refrigerator will fit, just ramrod it in there."
by NYRSkate May 27, 2005
Crazy guy that refers to himself in third person
Ramrod 11:44am
Ramrod thinks that you should join KnightStalkers!
by 3Pseudonym3 August 07, 2010
any narrow minded baffoon; one who is or has become mentally incompetent in which he can not socialize on the same level as the other ram rod.
Butt the hell out, ram rod. You go fuck a sheep, or cow, or horse, a monkey, a toad, furry little rabbit, the Pope, just get the hell out of this conversation you, you...ram rod! And take your little dog Fuck stick with you.
by johnjohnthebarbermon August 29, 2003
A craigslist spammer with liberal ideals, all of which fail when brought to light.

Also known as "JOHN the UNDEREMPLOYED"
That guy loves Obama, doesn't work, collects unemployment without looking for a job.

He's a real RAMROD!
by 380 Million Americans December 30, 2010
An instrument that I imagine a male might need to use for intercourse if he encounters difficulty acquiring an erection.
So, you bugged her last night, right man?
Yeah, I sure did.
So, did you, like, have a boner and shit?
No way, I used a ramrod instead.
by Billllllllll January 06, 2006