At an airport, a ramp is a place where aircraft are parked. It is a large flat concrete or asphalt area, that usually has places to tie down planes.

See ramp rat.
I landed at Olympia Regional Airport in my cessna, taxied on to the ramp, tied my plane down, and winked at the cute fueller who brought the fuel truck.
by Athene Airheart May 01, 2004
Top Definition
dont fuck around,to get straight to da point
'dont ramp wid me boi'
by vanessa January 02, 2004
the bar. (UK slang)
"Can you get up the ramp and get another round in?"
by Spaldinho September 04, 2012
The action of receiving a blowjob.
Guy 1: "DUDE! She's totally giving that guy some good ramp!"
Guy 2: "Aw, dude! Totally!"

Guy 1: "Dude, my dick is itchy! What the hell?"
Guy 2: "Did she ramp you last night.. ? She's a fucking slut."
by Beapuss. December 14, 2011
1. Can be used to replace any verb or noun.

2. Can be used to fill any awkward silence.

3. Can also be used as an exclamatory statement.

4. Also the sound made when cracking one's knuckles
1. Let's get ramped tonight guys!

2. "I like your shoes...."......... "RAAAAAMP"

3. I spilled my drink, Awwww RAAAMP!

4. raaaaaaamp
by Sassy P. Ants January 02, 2011
In the upper mid-west of USA this refers to a parking garage
It's raining lets use the ramp today.
by batsteg November 04, 2010
To carry out an action(eating/fighting/etc) in an agressive/rapid style.
Kris: Maaaate i am soo hungry..

Dave: yeh man, when i get to KFC im gonna ramp on some zinger burgers.
(eventually dave would be "ramping" on some burgers)


Kris: That guy over there just touched your mommas ass.

Dave: Man, im gonna ramp all over that guys face.
(after this, the guy would've been "ramped" on.
by woodblockattackdub January 13, 2010
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