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46 definitions by vanessa

Sonny Moore is the lead vocals from the awesome scream-o band From First To Last, that originates from Florida and California. And all I can say is that he owns your ass. And he looks like my best friend.
Sonny Moore owns your ass.
by Vanessa February 02, 2005
923 370
Best show ever. 'Nuf said.
Them there Powerpuff Girls kick ass!
by Vanessa December 10, 2004
522 135
Short for "fabulous". Generally used by popular teenage girls or young women who are usually part of the "in" crowd. Also sed frequently by socialites, etc.
"Ohmigod! Juicy's new velour mini skirts are so totally fab!"
by vanessa July 29, 2004
477 170
dont fuck around,to get straight to da point
'dont ramp wid me boi'
by vanessa January 02, 2004
343 106
A piercing connected by one ring, mostly two helix piercings connected by one long barbell.
I just got an industrial today and it fuckin' hurts like hell!
by Vanessa December 24, 2004
224 101
a couple or two people who have sex a lot
Mike and Jessica are like rabbits!
by vanessa February 16, 2005
110 20
an evening party
Everyone drank cider at Elizabeth's birthday soiree.
by Vanessa July 29, 2003
105 26