Quitting IRC/MSN/AOL or any other communication program in a 'rage'.

Usually used when someone suddenly goes offline or when they first shout shunny language before quitting.
12:32 +(BiLl) Your such a newb
12:34 (Killah) fu you lame ass mongrel
12:34 Quit: (Killah)(X@uNique.on.EnterTheGame.Com) (Quit:)
by Lourens 'Pax' August 15, 2005
When a player ditches out of a game because they are extremely frustrated with the games outcome.
Dude, did you just rage quit again?!

Yea man, I can't stand not getting any kills
by Sideboob<cleavage September 04, 2010
When a gamer gets owned very bad or killed many times, that he/she becomes frustrated, yells and quits the game. Often found in Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter Strike.

*L33TSN1P3R has left the game*

Bill: Oh I love rage quits

USuck: lol


by Raknia July 07, 2010
Rage Quit
To part the server or channel maliciously and in a childish manner. Also known as "Doing a Blizzard_Wolf"
Example Rage Quit:-

Blizzard_Wolf : fuck you FiRe
Player Blizzard_Wolf left the game
by FiRe March 14, 2009
(verb) Mostly happens when playing COD while in a party chat. One gets so angry at either the game or the people in ones party chat, that they just quit the game and the party.
Mike: what happened to gibbs?
Tommy: he go so mad he just rage quit the game and left the party chat.
by FezRiv February 11, 2011
To become frustrated to the point of blacking out with anger and usually throwing an object at something. At which point the person quits the activity and leaves the area. The "rage quitter" immediately feels like a dolt after he calms down.
Gill: Hey man I just killed cap 14 times in a row playing call of duty.

Frank: hahahahaha

Gill: Ya, he snapped shit and left.

Frank: He is notorious for the rage quit.
by FFWOLFE May 20, 2009
f- this , I'm done
I'm gonna ragequit this place. I can take it anymore!!!!
by little h August 03, 2011
when your anger bests you, and your brain is overcome with rage, to quit your game, you whip the controller/handheld/system as hard as you can against the wall.
john's drywall has bits and peices of PS3 embbeded after a hardcore rage quit.
by YoToGyakku September 04, 2011
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