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Achilles was a Greek warrior in the Trojan war. He liked to have gay anal sex with his cousin, Patroclus. This means that Achilles was not only one of the first gays, but also history's first redneck. One day, Hector, some Trojan dude, killed Patroclus. Achilles was pissed off and challenged Hector to a duel. In the duel, Hector slipped on one of Achilles' tubes of anal lube and got a concussion and died. Achilled then tied Hector dead body to the back of his chariot and rode it around the city of Troy and back to the Greek camp, where he had violent homosexual sex with it. As you could imagine, Achilles liked 'em messy. Anyway, a few years later, Troy had this foreign exchange student from Ethiopia named Memnon. Achilles killed Memnon because he was racist and was actually the first person ever to say the n-word. A while later, Achilles was shot by this guy Paris in a manner similar to how Lawrence King was murdered in California. The Day of Silence 1200 BC was dedicated in his honor.
Achilles was definately a raging homosexual

What kind of bitch dies from getting shot in the heel?

Hector would kick the shit out of Achilles, the only reason Achilles won was because Hector felt bad for hitting a homo
by Konages April 11, 2009
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Not known to be a true or false. Achilles was a warrior, maybe the greatest that ever lived. It is said that his mother held achilles, when he was a baby, by his ankle and dipped him into the river Styx; everything the sacred river touched became invulnerable but the ankle remained dry and unprotected. It is said that during the war for Troy, Achilles was wounded in his tendon and died from the wound. He was not en evil man, just mislead but it is well known that the city of Troy would not of been taken had Achilles not been involved.
The achilles tendon is named after achilles, the greatest warrior ever.
by Oz January 17, 2005
an achilles is anyone who is a true fighter, someone who is always couragous no matter what the odds. an achilles will stick up for his mate in any fight and defend what is right with all his strength and skill. An achilles is also able to lead people like a hero.
that guy is such an achilles, he just fought off three bikers who stole his lady's handbag. he kicked there sorry asses!
by filthy gee January 13, 2006
An online game where one plays as a Spartan character and destroys tribal enemies. Initially initiated by Rohan Basu from Activision, it now belongs to Lycos and is spread across many online game sites momentarily.
P1: Dude have you played Achilles
P2: ....
P1: Yeah it's an online game where you just decapitate people and stuff.
by AnAznClown November 24, 2009

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