When one party quits unexpectedly through their emotions of anger. This is frowned upon, especially when dealing with Fifa '11. Only sore fat people do this.

"No." -Justin

*McClatchy rage quits*

Game is over.
by Choiflexmaster January 24, 2011
A reference to committing suicide, in real life.
Justin got mad and rage quit last night. We're going to the funeral on Sunday.
by justin897 November 04, 2010
When someone gets so butthurt over something that they quit whatever they are doing.
I called Nick retarded three times and he was so butthurt that he ragequit work.
by LOLCOTS November 28, 2011
Rage Quit. To quit with frustration before the final conclusion.
Bill Belichick walking off the field of the Super Bowl with 1 second left on the clock was a rage quit.
by Ominous1 February 03, 2008
A form of quitting from a person's workplace of employment after being treated like a douche by management and bosses. The employee becomes so enraged by management and retarded customers that they take the persona of a dragon or similar mythical creature and resign from their job. Objects tend to be broken during a rage quit.
Petunia was so pissed off by the mentally insane chat users and betrayal by the Moderation Manager that she rage quit yesterday. She broke shit and everything, it was wicked.
by CowCamoBoy March 28, 2009
To quit something in a fit of rage.

Originates from online chat programs where an individual would become so upset that they would use profanity at length at one or more other people and quit immediately to avoid any replies.
22:33 <JerK> Don't cry, just because I rooted your mum.
22:34 * BooHoo Quit (Quit: GO FUCK YOURSELVES!)
22:35 <JerK> She wasn't even that good.
22:35 <JerK> Bah, rage quit... looser.
by Majestik Moose May 01, 2006
Quitting IRC/MSN/AOL or any other communication program in a 'rage'.

Usually used when someone suddenly goes offline or when they first shout shunny language before quitting.
12:32 +(BiLl) Your such a newb
12:34 (Killah) fu you lame ass mongrel
12:34 Quit: (Killah)(X@uNique.on.EnterTheGame.Com) (Quit:)
by Lourens 'Pax' August 15, 2005

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