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A beast known for its chiseled body, striking good looks, and incredible bedroom performance. Often seen running away from good looking, buxom cheerleaders and liberal arts students.
MAN: That chick said she wanted to save herself for her husband, but she was too utterly attracted to that rafi to keep it for any longer.
by Horatio Hufnagel April 04, 2008
A boy notorious for his facetious grunts while in the sac. People know him by his cum roar as well as his date rapist face.
A rafi had his parents walk in on him while he was boinking his virtual girlfriend he said mom! Mom! Soon he blasted her face like a Jackson pollack.
by THE-RAINMAKER August 03, 2010
A hairy creature with a hint of down syndrom, likely with a toit rear-end.
Observing the rafi in it's natural habitat
by lauren meula November 03, 2007
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