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raffle = rofl

Means that something is usually funny, or it could not be and in that case, you would say "raffles" to mock someone, usually a noob. See: roofles
Guy1: Haha check out this picture...
Guy2: raffles

Guy1: Dude, lyke check out diz picture it'z lyke teh sex0r.
Guy2: Raffles. Go home noob.
by Justin W. June 08, 2004
35 26
Pronunciation: \'ra-fel\
Function(s): verb; noun

1. Raffle: (verb) To determinedly handle one's business in order to ultimately complete the task at hand

2. Raffle (noun) A movement comprised mostly of professional rafflers and their cohorts. See also: Raffler

Antonym: I.T.W.
"one day my ho' ridez da subway, an' den shez gon' da raffle??"
by Luvz2raffle January 08, 2008
11 3
a lottery where prizes are guaranteed to be given out
The raffle at Club Palooza was the best!
by tamsiscool April 28, 2011
8 3
Synonymous with ROFL (similar pronounciations). However, it is more commonly used in the ayng dialect. can be combined with suffixes of the ayng or n00b dialects as well.

origin: TNS
(normal) "What's that n00b, I like totally owned you? haha raffle!"

(ayng) "you see that noob over there? i just raffl't him, that's why he's crying like a noob. rafflayng"

(n00b) "lolollolool!11!1rofl rofl rafflecopterzz zomgzomg!!!1!2"
by utser April 18, 2005
14 19
A sexy black dog that will bark at any inanimate objects and rape anything that moves.
"Why is that dog barking at a bin?"
"Must be a Raffles"
by some mechaphile September 17, 2008
8 14
The area on a human male just above the genitals, usually habitat of pubic hair. Used when having sexual intercourse
"I like 'em big and thick, with a nice big fat ass, y'know what I'm saying? That way you get that padded effect - when your raffle bangs against 'em."
by Luke February 22, 2004
13 20
1. The cute variation of ''Raffi''.

2. The name of a city.

3. Said of somebody who's really funny.
1. Raffles is adorable. xD

2. Do they have shops in Raffles??

3. You're such a Raffles. x3
by Happyface_xD August 16, 2008
3 15