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Pronunciation: -\'ra-fler\
Function: noun
Date: Circa 1860

A person frequently given to raffling; especially: one who raffles on public transportation

"mah boy dropped outta school. He dun gone off da make hizzelf into a Raffler."
by Luvz2raffle January 08, 2008
Pronunciation: \'ra-fel\
Function(s): verb; noun

1. Raffle: (verb) To determinedly handle one's business in order to ultimately complete the task at hand

2. Raffle (noun) A movement comprised mostly of professional rafflers and their cohorts. See also: Raffler

Antonym: I.T.W.
"one day my ho' ridez da subway, an' den shez gon' da raffle??"
by Luvz2raffle January 08, 2008

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