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A wickedly fast (the ball at the highest level travels in excess of 160 MPH) indoor court game played by some of the most amazing athletes on the planet. Allot a crafty old dudes play a much slower, but equally demanding game. Few sports pack as big an exercise punch as racquetball. The game is gaining players world wide while keeping an avid player base here in the U.S. Court 40ft by 20ft There is also an outdoor version.
I'm absolutely exhausted today from an hour of intense racquetball.
by gutenberg13 July 01, 2014
A term or excuse for guys hooking up and hiding it from their wives.
Im gunna go play racquetball (have gay sex0rs) with dave.
by ForeverAlone247 May 11, 2011
A "sport" that doesn't compare to tennis because of its mediocre game play and practice of being played in glass courts so their "skills" can be displayed. Not as well known for a reason.
I'm gonna go play a game of racquetball, my hobby, not a sport.
by i think so July 06, 2011
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