a movie thats coming out on january 14, about a zebra who thinks hes a racehorse
I want to see racing stripes!!!!
by Paint January 08, 2005
Top Definition
n. When an individual does not properly wipe his/her ass and leaves a shit stain in the underwear. Can result from sitting down and/or scratching the crack area.
Damn, that nasty bitch had a racing stripe!!
by chork August 19, 2005
a finely trimmed line of female pubic hair.
Her racing stripe pointed me to her bountiful coochie.
by poophead July 16, 2003
Also known as "Skid Marks," racing stripes are feces left on the bottom of your underwear.
I was gonna tap that girl, but when I got her panties off, there were racing stripes. I just let her go down instead.
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
The poo stains left in your underware. Caused by not wiping your ass, not wiping your ass enough, or having a bubbler or shart in the middle of the day. The appearance is similar to the starting area of a drag racing strip, or the "wheels down" area on a runway.
Husband: Sweetie pie honey bunny, these underware are going to need some "special" attention.
Wife: My god, whats up with the racing stripe?
Husband: Had a bubbler after my Taco Bell lunch today.
by Frainslug February 16, 2006
Two or three lines shaved into the side of the head just above the ear. This hairstyle has been observed on prominent figures throughout history such as Vanilla Ice, Wesley Snipes, and your little brother whose idol is "Dirty" Dale Earnhardt,
Little Bobby's been askin' for some "racing stripes" shaved into his head because all the fellers at school got em.
by riotgirl83 January 16, 2009
the red marks leading up a male's erect penis after receiving a blowjob where the woman scrapes her teeth.
She gave terrible head! I had the worst racing stripes after she was done
by thescraped August 28, 2011
While in the act of love making from the "doggie-style" position. Insert two fingers into the girls rectum, pull them out and wipe them off in a stripe fashion down the length of her back.
"Did you and Sheila hook up?"
"Hell Yeah, I even gave her some racing stripes."
by Big Johnson 001 January 21, 2009
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