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a fairly new porn manuever in which the male star penetrates the woman anally, then pulls out and makes her suck his schlong, thus tasting her own ass. Finally, the man pulls out and completes the trifecta of disgusting by shooting his load on the woman's face.
Diane didn't think that she would ever be able to taste her own ass until Bill completed the rarely seen ass to mouth facial.
by poophead July 16, 2003
a finely trimmed line of female pubic hair.
Her racing stripe pointed me to her bountiful coochie.
by poophead July 16, 2003
1. to cause a ruckus

2. to play a decietful trick
after i drink my beer, im going to go pull a shenanigan
by poophead March 26, 2005
Term used to describe one who is a tard, or something in the context of said tard.
Lina, that was such a tardacious comment...
by Poophead January 15, 2004
to get head
I got some shanagalots from your girlfriend
by poophead April 07, 2003
1. The homosexual word for "turd" or a handjob
Thats a huge fudgie
by poophead February 23, 2003
you love yourself, men, women, animals, and inanimate objects
i walk into a room and fuck myself, my wife, my manwhore, my african elephant and my fan
by poophead October 18, 2003

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