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When 2 friends are in a public bathroom in adjacent stalls taking dumps. Each wipes his ass with toilet paper and then proceeds to toss the soiled toilet paper over the top of the stall into his friend's stall in an attempt to hit his friend with the soiled toilet paper. Similar to the game "Battleship" except you use toilet paper with doo doo on it instead of plastic pegs and a bathroom stall instead of the game board.
Mom: How did you get those doo doo stains on your shirt and in your hair?

Son: Johnny and I played bathroom battleship at the supermarket.
by chork August 26, 2005
n. When an individual does not properly wipe his/her ass and leaves a shit stain in the underwear. Can result from sitting down and/or scratching the crack area.
Damn, that nasty bitch had a racing stripe!!
by chork August 19, 2005
to pass gas, to flatulate, to break wind, to relieve oneself of odorous air biscuits. Use of such word is rumored to have originated in Korea.
I thought I had to take a shit, but it was just a pondoo.
by chork August 19, 2005
to extrude feces from the bowel.Defecation or feceation (known colloquially as pooping or shitting). the act of eliminating solid or semisolid waste material from the digestive tract.

Used as a code word if one doesn't want to announce his intentions of shitting because of embarassment.
(within a crowd)Hey Mack, let's get out of this party. I need to make a ball.
by chork August 19, 2005
A piece of feces that is shaped like a grape and is a similar size. Similar to goat turds.
I went to a port-a-potty at the race to take a piss. There was a handful of grape turds in the bottom, but I pissed on them and busted'em up.
by chork November 29, 2005
A large pickle jar that you fill with piss. Then, every time you have to take a shit, you do it into the jar. After approximately 10 turds, the jar resembles a jar of pickles, except that it is meat pickles. Then you just go ahead and bust it on someone's car or house.
PEDESTRIAN: Officer, I don't know what happened. There's shit and piss and busted glass all over my grandmother's car.

OFFICER: Yeah, it looks like pickled excrement.
by chork December 02, 2005
The process of quantifying the number of corn kernals found to be lodged within a piece of feces. It can be done for competive purposes to see who has the most corn in their shit.
After we both shat on the side walk, we took a corn count to see who the winner was.
by chork November 29, 2005

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