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To be so busy, that you will never finish your job
"There is no way I can finish that too!" "Im busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!"
by Frainslug November 04, 2005
To be so busy, it will be impossible to finish your task.
Bob: "Hey pal, can you give me a hand with this task."
You: "Are you serious?" "Im busier than a one armed paper hanger."
by Frainslug November 04, 2005
The act of taking a shit. Has nothing to do with the smell or amount and consistancy of the material you are moving. It's just crapping.
Donna asked Kathleen to cover the phones while she was burning a mule.
by frainslug February 10, 2006
See also Snowman....When a male tucks his nuts and dick in between his legs. Squeeze your legs so one nut is on top of the other with the penis tip being the apple and trhe nuts being rather hairy kiwi fruits.
My girlfriend was yelling at me, so when she walked around the corner, I had a fruit basket waiting for her!
by Frainslug February 16, 2006
To take an huge crap, the kind that makes your legs shake.
Andy: "Hey Bill, you in the toilet?"
Bill: "Yea, Im giving birth to a Marine."
Andy: "I thought I heard you screaming!" "Need some stitches???"
by Frainslug December 05, 2005
The excess skin that hangs down from a "pooter". Extra big vagina lips.
"Damn girl, that chew meat is outta control"!!!
by Frainslug December 30, 2005
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