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5 definitions by |darc|

A woman that a man is married to.
Don't pork her; She's my wife!
by |darc| December 08, 2002
563 344
A way of spelling Microsoft that reflects the company's way of being bent on owning everything.
I hate Micro$oft, the money hungry bastards.
by |darc| December 08, 2002
108 27
A hoe that costs two United States dollars a pop.
I fucked that two dolla hoe last night!
by |darc| December 08, 2002
21 4
The laziest way to type the word "are". Used by many AOL girls on the Internet.
U r goin to da mall?
by |darc| December 18, 2002
70 87
One who is beaten often.
Man, he smacked her like she was a red headed stepchild!
by |darc| December 08, 2002
116 286