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Medical term. When a patient gets difficult you have to quone them.
"We're going to have to quone this patient"
by Ryan Stoker March 12, 2003
A neologism coined in "The Stakeout" episode of the television series "Seinfeld", "quone" was a word used by Mrs. Seinfeld in a Scrabble game. It was found by Jerry to not be a real word, but Kramer insists that it means "to sedate". Whether or not this word has been adapted remains to be seen.
"This dictionary's no good, we need a medical dictionary! When a patient is difficult, you quone him." - Kramer
by UberMan April 26, 2005
to serve unmedically.
"that creep quack doc almost quoned me for good. it was a close shave buddy.. it was so close..
#quack #quone #medical #doc #mistreatment
by dj madturk October 11, 2013
v. To perform an act on a difficult patient.
When a patient gets difficult, you quone him
#medicine #doctor #seinfeld #kramer #kramerica
by DWarrior November 25, 2006
Dan: "You won that Scrabble game only because you got away with playing a quone, 'flabbergut' for 36 points!"

Bob: "Hey, quoning is part of playing Scrabble. Don't blame me if you're too chicken to challenge such an idiotic term!"
#scrabble word #bluffing #misplay #misspell #misuse
by Robert Jewell (7-Letter Bob) April 30, 2008
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