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Contraction for "Queen of the Noobs."

Used primarily for women (especially vegetarians and blondes) who are so daft, so ridiculous, so... noobish, that they are deemed to be the "Queen" of all noobs. However, they have no subjects, because they are too noobish to have them.
Activities include, but are not limited to:

Dressing up for Where’s Waldo? Day... 5 days early.
Accidentally eating bacon while being vegetarian.
Spelling "whore" as "hoar".
Hearing about a lecture by Ray Rodriguez. Googling him and finding out that he is an expert in nutritional genomics. Going to the lecture. Turning out that it was actually a lecture by ROY Rodriguez... expert on sex.
Thinking that hookah bar is just a “cool” way to spell hooker bar.
Looking out of a window and thinking that it's raining outside when it's just the sprinkler system.

"No, it's not raining outside, QuoN... That's the sprinkler system lolololololol."

*Chanting* "QuoN! QuoN! QuoN! QuoN! QuoN! QuoN!"
by egene12k December 20, 2009
nickname for mequon, wisconsin.
'just headed up to the quon for another championship football game'
by rev April 22, 2005
A.K.A Fdirenor. A cleric who likes to wear pink clothes and cyber with anything that moves.
/respect biatch. So sayeth The Quon.
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
Quon is the basic unit of quantumstuff which is the stuff that makes up the quantum universe. See "Quantum Reality" by Nick Herbert.
An electron is a quon which has both particle and wave characteristics.
by Johnny B Bad August 04, 2004
A word Kramer claims may be found in a medical dictionary
When a patient gets difficult, you quon him!
by YankeeJTC June 21, 2004