A "vaginal fart". Typically caused by the compression of air in the vagina during intercourse.
He: Did you just fart?
She: No, that was a quife
by Dradle November 20, 2008
Top Definition
a fart from the vagina usually during sexual intercourse when the penis stimulates the farthest point of the vagina
-Dude, what the f**k was that!
-Just a quife.
by Josh Lioliodis April 08, 2003
When air escapes through a woman/girl's vag. It is closely related to a fart
Shelly quifed on Brad's lap. Brad made a face because they were having sex.
by ArtisticBetch July 17, 2008
a fart out of ur vigina
krissy && kami just had a quife

who just had a quife cuz i did!!
by lil' krissy is here bitchez! December 21, 2008

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