Air built up inside a woman's danger zone, that bursts out when movement occurs. This is prominately found when a man "hits is from the back," or "doggystyle." Then the woman moves to another position.
A quif usually happens while women are thinking of what's going to happen on the next friends, did I turn the oven off, and wondering when this is going to end.
by duck February 07, 2005
when a air pocket is created in a womens flower! and a fart noise is produced. often a very awkward moment!
jake was fingering me and he spread his fingers and made me quif. it was crazy weird!
by Meghan June 18, 2006
A wave of air blowing out a womans glory hole. other wisee known as a vaginal belch, pussy fart, or cunt weef.
Woah! did you see hear sarah's awesome quif!?!
by chinoface812 February 16, 2008
also known as a pussy fart. a quif is were air gets into a pussy because of a jack hammer of a man pounding it. when he goes in and out fast air tends to sneak in and build up in a pocket. quifs dont usually acure unless they change positions. and when chicks do quif guys get turned of fast like seeing a hairy ass pussy. but its natural but still distasteful when your eating out a chick.
Guy: did u feel that earthquake?
Slut: nah i quif when im happy.

he was horible to bad i didnt quif to turn him off

as i went to change postions the worst of all worst things happened i quifed.

wow that quif semlt hella bad
by Small T July 05, 2006
In my Montreal-based understanding of it, a {quif} is actually a {taub}. At least that how it was defined in N.D.G. (Notre Dame de Grace or No Damned Good), depending if you lived there or not.
"You stupid quif". "You are such a quif"
by shadowmc July 19, 2006
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