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1. A black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks.
2. The man that would risk his neck for his brother man
3. The cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about.
4. A Bad Mother--
5. A complicated man, no one understands him but his woman.
6. John Shaft.
Samuel L. Jackson is Shaft in Shaft.
by B October 08, 2002
The illest rapper alive. Born in Queens Bridge and has beef w/ Jay-z and Cormega. (The most talented rapper).
I'm the last real nigga alive, that's official.
by B July 29, 2003
A person who, usually due to the sexual stimulation he/she obtains from it, intentionally gains weight.
Man, Bill must be a gainer; he's put on 20 pounds in the last month!
by B December 01, 2004
Money $$$
i have tonz of Mulla
by B March 07, 2003
A male that is demasculated.

A.K.A: Whipped

Jose was going to go out partying with his buddies, but his girlfriend told him he had to go shopping with her and her mother. He doesn't wear the pants in that relationship
by b August 26, 2004
The type of guy that girls like but most just are to stupid to admit their shallowness.
I was really nice to that girl, then a drunk football player called her a bitch and she humped him and dumped me.
by B October 18, 2004
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