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A very cool girl with a great personality. Paola's are really sweet, funny, nice, and very pretty! They love desserts, and hate mushrooms. They're very good at correcting people, especially guy's named carlo.
Paola is soooooooooooo cool! Paola's the best!
by duck December 01, 2004
Air built up inside a woman's danger zone, that bursts out when movement occurs. This is prominately found when a man "hits is from the back," or "doggystyle." Then the woman moves to another position.
A quif usually happens while women are thinking of what's going to happen on the next friends, did I turn the oven off, and wondering when this is going to end.
by duck February 07, 2005
An ass goblin is a mythical creature that emerges from the anus (or ass). Evrey once in a while it emerges, and when it does it lets out a roaring fart which kills a lot of people. The ass goblin was once suspected of killing the dinosaurs.
Scientists suspected an ass goblin killed the dinsaurs
by duck February 03, 2005
a fine alcoholic beverage used to wet the whistle of many younger residents of the UK,
bitter , sweet, strongbow
by duck January 11, 2005
usually used in a game to refer to a script kiddy who uses his scripts to gain an unfair advantage over the other players. this word is the slang for the actual scripts used, haxxor referrs to the user.

Examples of these scrips include aimbots, wallhacks, and also speedhacks
by Duck December 21, 2004
Farfentuben is an undescribed happening. Beings only of the best and most talent can use the word, and thus they are cool.
-Haha noob! Farfentuben!
-i'm sorry
by Duck March 26, 2005
an unpleasantly surprising lump that finds itself between your toes when you walk barefoot at the dogbeach.
wholly shite i squleched on a boo i'll need to walk it off int the water.
by duck March 24, 2004
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