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the action when a person place thing or idea has been savagledy ripped apart by overly sized viscious birds.
shut up before you get weefed!

by Valerie Wynn January 25, 2005
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An audible emission of air from a wolf's vagina
The weef startled the deer the wolf was stalking.
by MrBrocktoon April 05, 2008
A wet queef (usually one which projects semen)
Guy: what the fuck, did you just fart or queef?
Girl: no that was a weef
Guy: ...?
Girl: a wet queef
by Jackcb April 25, 2011
a hairless horse.
Your mother is a weef.
by weefffffrnfso February 22, 2010
(noun) A vagart or queef released while peeing
Carol, that was intense weef. It sounded like your labia was giving the toilet applause.

past tense: Nancy just weefed hardcore! did you hear it? she must've made waves in the toilet water
by KB83 April 02, 2010
the opposite of a queef. The insucking of air into the vagina, much like a deep vaginal breath.
After a long pussy pounding hour, her vagina weefed with fatigue.
by conzie fitzwilson April 13, 2003
1. Exclamation of hate /desire /love /dismissal /greeting/poo-flinging/frusturation
2. To commit adultery by chewing, swallowing, and eventually shitting out another man's penis
3. A way to say, Pete is a fag

I weefed up John really good and now she's filing for a divorce

Peter Norman: Dude Sooners football r00lz!!!
Justin: Weef, dude, just weef.
by Justin January 23, 2005

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