a tier of nike shoe releases that is defined by limited numbers and availability to only exclusive stores.
oh man did you see the new airmax 1 quickstrike stuff? nargh man couldnt get them up my way
by greg farley February 14, 2008
Where a shoe company doesn't tell you the release date of a shoes until a week before it comes out.
I heard the Air Jordan 23 pack is going to be quickstrike.
by Geniel September 12, 2007
To post a reply during the span in which a second replier types his or her reply, often causing embarrassing misinterpretation of meaning. Used in forums.
Baconl0ver22 (9:23:07): I like bacon!
G0ats'n'hoes37 (9:23:09): I like having sex with goats!
Juicybacong0dofdeath (9:23:09): Me too!!!!!
Juicybacong0dofdeath (9:23:21): Oh man, quickstrike!
by joeconflo May 28, 2009

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