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Especially viscous and tangy vaginal fluid produced by females immediately before and during powerful orgams.
That bitch got queet all over me!
by TheBraeden August 07, 2006
A person who fills a bathtub with water with the intention of sitting in said tub and farting so the bubbles will tickle their chode.
Phil loves sitting in the tub and letting his fart bubbles tickle his taint. What a queet.
by Mr. Johnson January 09, 2008
to quit your job via twitter, literally quit+tweet
Rob: "Hey were is Matt today?"
Todd: "Didn't you get his queet? It's over man."
Rob: "What a gutless bum, now we'll both have to work doubles. At least he could have come in personally."
by Pipersack January 19, 2010
Meme : Queet : correcting intentional bad grammar

Noun: Queeter
A: whatz up GAIYS

Queeter: its spelled guys

A: shut up Fahggot

Queeter: (gets mad) LEARN TO SPELL FAGGOT!!!
by Phantasy Star Blueee January 23, 2011
Beverage consumed while ridin, at a club, or just chillin. Mostly, however, not limited to, non-alcoholic drinks.
"Man, what you sippin on?"

-"You already know mayne, i be sippin on dat queets, fasho."
by Rapko January 19, 2009
a state at which a human acts like an absolute queer, but still doesn't meet the requirements of a queer to be called one
Alex your such a queet
by RlHaAdCs April 22, 2015
A Caucasian "rapper" who honestly believes that he/she can rap. Often attired wearing South Pole clothing, or possibly Fubu, they frequent corner stores trying to commercialize their album. They believe they are from the ghetto.
"This fucking goddamn queets tried pushing his shitty rap album on me, I can't fucking take those wiggers anymore."
by TheFicusWithLove April 10, 2010
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