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A Caucasian "rapper" who honestly believes that he/she can rap. Often attired wearing South Pole clothing, or possibly Fubu, they frequent corner stores trying to commercialize their album. They believe they are from the ghetto.
"This fucking goddamn queets tried pushing his shitty rap album on me, I can't fucking take those wiggers anymore."
by TheFicusWithLove April 10, 2010
3 4
when a man is getting another man up the butt and the receiver farts. the high pitched noise the fart makes as it squeezes around the penis of the giver is called a queet
"Jack got John up the butt and John queeted."

"I farted when I took it up the butt and it was a queet."
by m.f'er August 22, 2006
8 9
a shorten version of 'quite sweet' for those who do not know how to type.
wow, your lacoste polo is queet.
by BCA and DKP November 05, 2005
13 14
same meaning as sweet
That is so queet!
by dudechick December 27, 2003
19 20
A male Homosexual that is also a Midget.
hey did you see that little guy? i think he was a queet.
by wiggyjdog August 30, 2011
0 2
It is the word queer which equals gay and beet which is something you eat and barely anybody likes so in literal terms it basically means a Homo that nobody likes!
Evan Northup=queet
by Jesus4314 April 27, 2010
0 2
an overly cute pakistani
bilal:'adeel is looking veryy queet today'
by Chuggi March 13, 2010
2 4