combination of cool and sweet.
I just bought this new video game, it is so queet!
by Crush the creator of this word February 08, 2004
(v.) to queef on twitter.
My mom started queeting last month, and she already has over a million followers. I am one of them!
by Kevin McFrat March 22, 2012
an overly cute pakistani
bilal:'adeel is looking veryy queet today'
by Chuggi March 13, 2010
when some one says something that is very true, you would reply just 'queet' upon saying queet you dont have to finish your sentence.
love for neil xx
A: 'that was funny'
B: 'queet.'
by JAKOBBBB November 05, 2009
when a man is getting another man up the butt and the receiver farts. the high pitched noise the fart makes as it squeezes around the penis of the giver is called a queet
"Jack got John up the butt and John queeted."

"I farted when I took it up the butt and it was a queet."
by m.f'er August 22, 2006
a shorten version of 'quite sweet' for those who do not know how to type.
wow, your lacoste polo is queet.
by BCA and DKP November 05, 2005
Queet- noun- A flock of storks migrating south to Jamaica...mon.
Wow! That is a huge queet.

Its a bird, its a plane, oh my god, its a huge queet.

This is halfway between Juneteeth and July 4th, isn't it late for a queet to fly?
by Tau Iota Tau (The Great 8) September 14, 2004
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