same meaning as sweet
That is so queet!
by dudechick December 27, 2003
A male Homosexual that is also a Midget.
hey did you see that little guy? i think he was a queet.
by wiggyjdog August 30, 2011
It is the word queer which equals gay and beet which is something you eat and barely anybody likes so in literal terms it basically means a Homo that nobody likes!
Evan Northup=queet
by Jesus4314 April 27, 2010
Strange but loveable.
Katie and I are so queet!
by PerplePuppi May 01, 2005
The cum that cums out of the rectum after anal sex
If it's really big, you'll have a lot of queet when next you have a bowel movement
by Maci Snefield December 28, 2007
A small bird-like creature that hangs around areas where burjaquer live.
Queet: QUEET!!!
Burjaquer: Queja....
by Moopachoo March 11, 2004
to suck a males sex organ vigorously
timur queeted the horse's shlong all night long
by pulk July 03, 2003
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