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Acting like an effeminate gay man
by Anonymous May 12, 2003
A spoiled princess that has much controll over the rich people in her family. Usually spoiled by father or grandfather. Can often be found at abercrombie or American Eagle. Loves to wear tiaras, and Dooney and Bourke purses.
Katie- "Did you see MacKenzie today? Her purse cost like, $4,000,000!"

Shelby- "She's such a little queeny."
by queenyk May 28, 2007
A minge magnet, Queeny is an absolute steel shit-house who nobody fucks with.
Man: Oh God it's Queeny! Please, just take my money! *runs*

Minge: Oh my God it's Queeny! *froths at the gash*
by AlphabetGTGTGT November 27, 2011
a woman who cannot be trusted. will steal anything and everything from you and have sex with any guy in sight.
"Dude, that queeny stole my money then fucked my boyfriend, my brother and that bum down the street!"
by LockedUp July 21, 2008
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