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Old Scottish slang for grumpy or miserable
Look at john. Why's he so crabbit looking?
by mississippi dave April 19, 2005
When You have Crabs So bad you jump around cause it itches so bad. Like a rabbit
Steve 'oh man what was with Phil today"
Bob 'Dude he has a bad case of crabbits, he picked it up on spring break"
Steve "haha bitch got owned"
The byproduct of a babbitt and a crookid, one who loves men in assless chaps, man in uniform, ginger kids, and all other forms of things onlt gay men would love.
Crabbit loves men in assless chaps.
by dewy21 March 21, 2009
The Animal made when a cat and rabbit mate
Look at those cute little crabbits
by CTB April 11, 2004
One of the many words in the miopianimalisticonfusionary family of words. Associated to people without glasses, this family of words describes animals that are confusing to miopic people. Other examples include the dogzard, the giraphant, and the hedgedog.
Damn, another crabbit...
Put on your glasses.
by diatrevolo April 13, 2004
A person who doesn't watch Conan O'Brien.

Word Created by the Rowdy Rough Boys and we're trying to make it official.

Combination of crab and rabbit
If you prefer the News over Conan, you are a crabbit.
by b1LLi0 October 22, 2004
What is made when a man and a women dont want kids but want to breed Cats and Rabbits
Me and Eryn (the prettiest girl in the world) are going to Breed cute little furry crabbits.
by "Inspector" Chris April 15, 2004
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