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A country founded by John Cabot (as much as french people hate to admit so they say Jacques Cartier) Later Britain came and owned the french in Plains of Abraham. Became our own country in 1867, life was good we kicked ass in both world wars and the Korean war. 70's came and so did the sepratists, screwing up Canada from it's British ties forever. Flag and anthem changed because it was 'racist to immigrants' (if they don't like our culture than fuck them) later Canada was made fun of because we were 'pussies' when really we could kick all your asses in a fight. We like hockey, we say zed not zee, we say eh, the stereotypical accent is actually ottawa valley accent... Canada, Ireland and Germany may be the biggest beer drinkers. We have free health care, and we have our own legal terrorist (quebecois) Cheers.
Anglophone: UK owns
Francophone: CHANGE IT CHANGE IT!!
Anglophone: SHUT UP FROGGY!

That's Canada...
by nukendukegg May 10, 2009
Slang mostly used in Canada for 20 dollar bills because of the Queen of England or Canada is on the back of the banknote.

When a king is head of the British monarchy it's called a King Royal.
Person 1:I got some money for dat
Person 2: Ight, it's one Queenie
by nukendukegg December 23, 2008

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