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A man who has absolutely no sexual skills, stamina, or timing. He has erectile dysfunction, or he's just incompetent. He's in and out without the girl even knowing it.
I'm sorry, this relationship is just not gonna work, cause u a three pump chump!
#premature ejaculation #erectile dysfunction #quick-draw #lame ass lover #impotent
by hawaiitalanet March 04, 2006
Used by locals frequently in Hawaii to describe anything or anyone that is of exceptional quality!
You gotta go check out Marty Dread, cuz he's Da Bomb!
#the best #top of his game #awesome #remarkable #hot
by hawaiitalanet March 03, 2006
gay or effeminate male, Male person with a bitchy, narcassistic attititude, A man who projects the very worst characteristics of femininity
Ilram looked a little "Queenie" in his performance at the Body Art Ball.
#effiminate #high maka maka #bitchy #raging homosexual male #superior
by hawaiitalanet March 04, 2006
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