It is a term that can be called for students excelling in their Major Subjects in College. "Quatro" being the highest grade a student can achieve.
That's a Quatro student in my university.
#smart #excellent #dumb #stupid #genius
by sheezle March 01, 2010
Top Definition
An Art Goddess. Draws amazing pictures in short periods of time. Has a habit of randomly arting those that catch her eye. Notorious for freebie events.
Guy1: Holy hell dude, lookit those arts!
Guy2: Wow man, must've been at a Quatro freebie event.

Girl1: Have you seen Julie's newest framed work?
Girl2: She must've paid a fortune for it. It has a Q at the corner.
Girl1: Or got lucky and got it for free.
#epic #art #gaia #thread #forums
by NemesisEXE January 11, 2010
A guy with a 4 inch dick
"Dude , your a quatro?!"
"It's 4 1/2 not 4!!"
#quatro #4 #inches #4 inches #four inches #four
by Jjjjjahhn October 23, 2007
euphemism for retard, named after Dan Quatro, Monroe County Legislature Republican Majority Leader, Rochester, NY, who uttered the word into a microphone as an insult to a Democratic legislator, and then refused to take personal responsibility for it when he was caught on audio and video tape during a legislative vote. He then wrote a letter of apology from all the GOP legislators, implying someone else did it. The disability rights and awareness groups came out of the woodwork to lecture the whole group for hours on political sensitivity and the use of the R-word.
"Wow, you just backed your car into that sign? What a quatro.
#ignorant #moronic #r-word #inane #quattro #kwatro
by Dyllom August 14, 2009
Best artist in the Gaia online community (aside from the site artists). Art might be expensive (in Gaia currency) but pretty damn right worth it.
Dayum! that's the best f***ing art evar.... thank you Quatro!
#quatro #gaiaonline #art #drawing #artist
by x 3x January 12, 2010
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