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A way of losing perfectly good definitions from the urban dictionary
70% of deletion requests are unjustified. Don't like it, give it 1 star
The job of the less intoxicated of the group to filter out obvious mistakes in judgement concerning the the suitibility of a possible candidate for sex caused by beer goggles.
Hey, dude, aren't you on quality control? Well, do you see the cow that home-boy's about to score? Get to work.
by Todd December 10, 2003
Quality control is when your mom takes a bite out of your really good food before you eat it. Say you get Hostess cupcakes at the Deli, you mom would come in and do a "Quality control" bite. Se says she will take a bite, yet when you receive the food product back, it looks like Godzilla took a bite out of it.

Yes! Orange frosted and creamed Hostess cupcakes!
Quality Control!
by Nevin fer... February 11, 2007
The process of eliminating definitions that don't actually define a word, define names, or are posts that belong in a forum instead of urbandictionary. Only intelligent people should take part in quality control.
Many people try do delete good definitions, but quality control keeps them.
by Mike February 07, 2005
A system on UrbanDictionary that allows whiney people to erase definitions that they find *extremely* offensive.
I hate your guts, quality control!
by Ainolketta March 12, 2005
The people that make sure everything A-OK.
My pizza is 30% cheesier and 75% more pepperonish thanks to the quality control guys at Pizza Hut!
by Zach G. December 02, 2003
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