The poor schmuck who is to blame for everything that goes wrong.
Well, Paul in Quality Control should have caught that before it shipped!
by QCSchmuck January 18, 2011
Used in retail, to describe a customer who insists on handling everything, but purchasing nothing. Most often they are white men. Middle aged to early seniors, married, heavyset, with thick glasses. Can easily be spotted, because they inspect the price tag, while holding it three inches from their face.
"Don't waste your time helping 'quality control', when there are serious buyers elsewhere in the shop."
by D. Gould January 12, 2006
When you refuse to hook-up with an ugly chick when the opportunity presents itself.
I walked out of the room when she started kissing me because I had quality control on.
by Newman October 24, 2004
An excuse to remove hard-defined words, like mine. Contains options like "offensive" and "hateful", which are common in removing definitions.
"Let's face it : anything hateful and offensive in Urban Dictionary is funny!"
by Dave October 19, 2004
A fine brand of democracy that's going to kick your ass.

People sometimes misuse quality control by noting that certain words are "made up"
A user said this should be deleted: "This isn't a real word, someone made it up"

Me: What? Unlike ALL other words that spontaneously appeared out of thin air??

Note: ALL words are made up you dumbasses. If someone makes a creative, useful word that you haven't heard of than it should stay.
by DudeoftheDay March 03, 2005
Controlling the quality that goes into a product so that it wears out faster, causing consumers to have to replace it. syn. planned obsolescence
American automobile manufacturers practice better quality control than the Japanese.
by L-Bound December 06, 2003
Something that's finally gone from Urbandictionary. Thank you, God!
Quality Control is finally gone from urban dictionary.
by Exhac June 03, 2006
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