When a girl with blue waffle queefs

Known to be make a grown man shit himself
Girl: Just stick it in me! (Opens legs and...)
Cvleektklelalskeghtelz! (qwaffles)
Guy: I just shit myself and I need to brush my teeth.
Girl: Sorry about my quaffle
Guy: (leaves)
by Perplexing Enigma March 24, 2011
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North Dakota Slang For The Skin Between The Vagina And The Anus.
Yo dude I totally punched that chick in the quaffle!
by Sacalaki November 18, 2007
Either a series of queefs or one loud, massive queef.
Sally hoped that no one had heard the huge, rumbling quaffle she had ripped in the middle of class.

To amuse herself in the bathtub, Christy twisted her thigh and let out a bubbling quaffle.
by Ppabs August 11, 2005
The main ball used to play both Quidditch and Muggle Quidditch. It is used to score goals in one of the opponents three hoops. Passed around by the called the chasers.
"Clara raises the quaffle, she shots, she scores!"
by Blehooha Fluffpants August 28, 2011
The flabby bit of skin that hangs off the neck of an wrinkly or fat person.
A quaffle is like a double chin but has extra wobble to it.
justine: ROFLROFLROFL, look at grandpas quaffles wobbling...looks like a wrinkly vagina.
by BAMandthedirtisgone June 11, 2009
A long string of queef's that are so loud that they are disruptive.
Nicole quaffled and it was mistaken for betthoven's 9th
by The Orchestra February 23, 2014
For non-muggles, a quaffle is in fact a waffle that has been saturated with queefs. Usually occuring in breakfast resturants with tainted food.
Dog, I went to Denny's and the waitress destroyed my grand slam breakfast by giving me quaffles instead of frenchtoast.
by niggasteve11 March 12, 2010

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