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"Why is the book so sad?" is a joke/ riddle for children.
It appeared in Terminator: the Sarah Connor chronicles.
He said "Why is the book so sad?" and then, he laught.
by mooninthedark December 15, 2008
1. Emo: genre musical created by the hardcore punk and alternative rock.

2. Emo: urban tribe. (wikipedia)

2. Emo: a word used for discriminate the urban tribe. Generally used to definite a depression state totally false.
1. "What genre is that song?" "It's emo."

2. "I'm an emo guy"

3. "Are U emo?" "No, I am not. Only I'm depressed, my boyfriend left me yesterday"
by mooninthedark December 15, 2008
1- Ball to play quidditch
2- stupid ( boys/guys )
3- F!
1- Quaffle through a goalpost! Griffindor has a point!
2- U quaffle!
3- U didn't pass the exam!! U got an F!
by mooninthedark May 16, 2008
A horrible, crazy, maniatic creature who is addicted to sex. They play with the girl's feelings.
These GUY wanna be my boyfriend because he thinks my butt is nice.
by mooninthedark May 15, 2008
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